Meet A World Changer: Straight Ahead Ministries October 01 2016

Hello, World Changers! It's the first day of October (!!!) which means it's time to introduce our fourth quarter beneficiary - Straight Ahead Ministries (SAM).

SAM's mission is to transform the lives of juvenile offenders (read some of their stories here) by walking alongside them, providing support and resources while they are in detention, and continuing that support as they return to their communities. They do this through faith and character development, job readiness training and placement, educational support, and service opportunities. "Since Straight Ahead was founded in 1987, our staff, volunteers and ministry partners have served over 75,000 young people in 40 states, 35 countries and 7 languages."

We are proud to support SAM through December 31st by donating 10% of EVERY purchase to them. Yup, you read right! 10% of every sale will be set aside for SAM through the end of the year. Isn't it exciting to know you are changing lives while you shop?! Come and be the change with us!

Meet A World Changer: Morning Star Foundation July 02 2015

It's hard to believe July is already here isn't it, world changers?  Things are heating up fast in Texas and we're pulling out all the stops trying to stay cool because, sweat.  Ugh.  

But we digress...

The beginning of July also means that we have a new world changer to reveal, and, it should come as no surprise that this cause supports children.  (There seems to be a pattern developing here...)  

Without further ado, may we introduce:


























We discovered Morning Star Foundation (MSF) via Jen Hatmaker's Instagram account (um, hello #benstagram?!) recently and immediately fell in love with MSF and their mission: "to help abandoned and needy children with severe heart disease in China and Uganda."  

MSP does this by operating a "healing" home in China "...which cares for orphans who need careful medical management and surgery. Here, children who have been given no hope for a future are given a chance to live and thrive. In addition we operate the LOVE Project which specifically helps children who are in families but are at risk of being abandoned because their family cannot meet the financial need of their medical care."

And, in Uganda, MSF "works together with families under the LOVE Project, especially in areas where we have LOVE project families. Eventually MSF will need a “healing” home similar to the one in China to meet the needs of orphans in Uganda."

So, now through September 2nd, 10% of the purchase of EVERY ITEM SOLD at WH Clothier will be donated to Morning Star Foundation to help save children's lives in China and Uganda - our first GLOBAL world changer!!!

We can't do any of this without you, beautiful world changer!  Because of your support, we have given over $2,000 (in just over 1 year) to 4 outstanding organizations who are doing good and serving the least of these.

All the heart eyes and fist-bump hands to you guys.  Let's go be the change together!!!