Meet A World Changer: Straight Ahead Ministries October 01 2016

Hello, World Changers! It's the first day of October (!!!) which means it's time to introduce our fourth quarter beneficiary - Straight Ahead Ministries (SAM).

SAM's mission is to transform the lives of juvenile offenders (read some of their stories here) by walking alongside them, providing support and resources while they are in detention, and continuing that support as they return to their communities. They do this through faith and character development, job readiness training and placement, educational support, and service opportunities. "Since Straight Ahead was founded in 1987, our staff, volunteers and ministry partners have served over 75,000 young people in 40 states, 35 countries and 7 languages."

We are proud to support SAM through December 31st by donating 10% of EVERY purchase to them. Yup, you read right! 10% of every sale will be set aside for SAM through the end of the year. Isn't it exciting to know you are changing lives while you shop?! Come and be the change with us!