To Market We Will Go! January 20 2015 1 Comment

We are lucky to live in Texas for many reasons; the mild weather [it is almost 70 degrees here right now, y'all!], the wide-open spaces, the Mexican food, the BBQ, and...THE SHOPPING! 

Oh. My. Word. The shopping! 

Since everything is bigger in Tejas, Dallas is home to the 15-story Dallas Market Center, which is where the Apparel & Accessories Mart is held 5 times a year.

Going to market in Dallas is A LOT like shopping at a mall.  Every floor has showrooms [which look just like storefronts], there are places to eat, a main atrium area, elevators and get the point.  The only difference is that you have to be a "member" to get into this "mall."

After you check in at the registration desk, you receive your market badge and proceed into the World Trade Center, where the real fun begins!  And, in a nutshell, you spend the whole day shopping.  Yes, it's fun.  And yes, your feet are killing you by the end of the day.  The truth is, we wish we could take ALL of you with us to market, but we can't.  So, here's where we need your help...

WH Clothier is YOUR boutique.  It doesn't matter how many beautiful things we buy if they aren't things you like, duh!  The only way we will ever be able to change the world is by partnering with you when it comes to our product assortment, but we need to hear from you.  Will you take just a minute to tell us what you're shopping for?  The items/colors/sizes/styles that you wish we had?  Do you like capsule collections: a few pieces [a top/bottom/accessories] that are easy to mix and match?  Or, do you purchase from WHC when you see something that catches your eye [an interesting top, a fun pair of pants]?  Do you follow fashion trends or buy and wear clothing that makes you feel good? 

We want you to be the buyer, world changer, and we can't wait to hear from you!