World Changer: Blake's House January 14 2015

51% of children in foster care will end up homeless, in jail, or dead within one year of leaving care at 18 years old.

That’s unacceptable.

Blake’s House is a private home located in Plano, Texas that houses four young women [who have aged out of foster care] and a house manager.  The girls are required to pay $150 per month to the house that goes directly into a savings account set up for them upon transitioning to independent living.  Blake’s House encourages education to help them grow into citizens that no longer need government assistance, but can sustain themselves.  They also teach life skills such as budgeting, driving, resume building and interviewing, cooking, and a host of other skills. The home is open for young ladies age 18-22.  There is no time limit on a person’s stay, we want the girls to be ready before entering the “real world” and that is different for everyone. 

We fully support Blake's House and their mission to "...provide a safe living environment for young ladies that have aged out of foster care to develop their spiritual walk with Christ, further their education, learn life skills, give back to the community, become a productive working member of society, and finally transition to independent living with a support system in place."  For the next three months [January through March], 10% of EVERY purchase will be set aside for this program and the girls it supports. 

All you have to do, world changer, is make a purchase[s] to support this house and it's mission - it's win/win!

Blake’s House receives its non-profit status through Jim Riley Outreach, Inc..