Meet A World Changer: Straight Ahead Ministries October 01 2016

Hello, World Changers! It's the first day of October (!!!) which means it's time to introduce our fourth quarter beneficiary - Straight Ahead Ministries (SAM).

SAM's mission is to transform the lives of juvenile offenders (read some of their stories here) by walking alongside them, providing support and resources while they are in detention, and continuing that support as they return to their communities. They do this through faith and character development, job readiness training and placement, educational support, and service opportunities. "Since Straight Ahead was founded in 1987, our staff, volunteers and ministry partners have served over 75,000 young people in 40 states, 35 countries and 7 languages."

We are proud to support SAM through December 31st by donating 10% of EVERY purchase to them. Yup, you read right! 10% of every sale will be set aside for SAM through the end of the year. Isn't it exciting to know you are changing lives while you shop?! Come and be the change with us!

Changing Seasons = Changing Trends September 07 2016

We're Back! Back to school? Back to work? Back in the saddle? Nope, back to market!

We're so lucky to have Dallas Apparel and Accessories Market in our backyard where we went a few weeks ago to find out what is on trend for the fall and winter season. We spent the day perusing endless racks of clothes and accessories on the hunt for items that would appeal to the fashion savvy women who shop at WHC! Per usual, we took pics of lots of items we thought you would love and posted them on Insta and FB  for you to vote on.  Your opinion and style matter to us and we love to have you "be the buyer" on market days! Here are some sneak peeks of the pieces you loved most that may show up in our fall line...

Some of the new trends we saw for fall were represented in a fashion show we attended at the end of our day. Military jackets, midi skirts, wide-leg pants, and turtlenecks took center stage along with plaid prints and velvet texture. (Hello 1990s!)

As for color, Pantone has picked out 10 shades that they describe as "...playful but structured departures from your more typical fall shades." We are all heart eyes over these jewel tones and think they will add an energetic pop to our usually boring fall closet!

New pieces are starting to come in now so we'll keep all you fashion savvy shoppers posted on when these on-trend items will be available in the shop. And as always, thank you for being a world changer with WH Clothier! 

Meet A World Changer: Morning Star Foundation July 02 2015

It's hard to believe July is already here isn't it, world changers?  Things are heating up fast in Texas and we're pulling out all the stops trying to stay cool because, sweat.  Ugh.  

But we digress...

The beginning of July also means that we have a new world changer to reveal, and, it should come as no surprise that this cause supports children.  (There seems to be a pattern developing here...)  

Without further ado, may we introduce:


























We discovered Morning Star Foundation (MSF) via Jen Hatmaker's Instagram account (um, hello #benstagram?!) recently and immediately fell in love with MSF and their mission: "to help abandoned and needy children with severe heart disease in China and Uganda."  

MSP does this by operating a "healing" home in China "...which cares for orphans who need careful medical management and surgery. Here, children who have been given no hope for a future are given a chance to live and thrive. In addition we operate the LOVE Project which specifically helps children who are in families but are at risk of being abandoned because their family cannot meet the financial need of their medical care."

And, in Uganda, MSF "works together with families under the LOVE Project, especially in areas where we have LOVE project families. Eventually MSF will need a “healing” home similar to the one in China to meet the needs of orphans in Uganda."

So, now through September 2nd, 10% of the purchase of EVERY ITEM SOLD at WH Clothier will be donated to Morning Star Foundation to help save children's lives in China and Uganda - our first GLOBAL world changer!!!

We can't do any of this without you, beautiful world changer!  Because of your support, we have given over $2,000 (in just over 1 year) to 4 outstanding organizations who are doing good and serving the least of these.

All the heart eyes and fist-bump hands to you guys.  Let's go be the change together!!!

Meet A World Changer: Traffick911 April 01 2015

If you've shopped with WH Clothier in the past, you know that organizations who care for children are near to our heart.  It shouldn't surprise you, then, that our newest world changer is saving the lives of children everyday.  Please take a minute to read about Traffick911 - who they are, what they do, and how you can help - then purchase with purpose!


 What is domestic minor sex trafficking? 

Domestic minor sex trafficking is the buying and selling of America’s own children. It’s our own children being forced into sexual slavery. Federal law defines sex trafficking as the exchange of a sex act for anything of value. A sex act could include pornography, stripping, oral sex, massage parlors, etc. Anything of value could include a place to stay, a hamburger or higher status in a gang. Many times, the victims are vulnerable children fighting to survive.

While it is true that there are children who are at higher risk for becoming a victim, such as runaways and 'throwaways,' all children are at risk. The average age of entry into sex trafficking in the U.S. is 12-13 years old - children at this age are vulnerable in their very essence. Gangs and the Mexican cartels are sending recruiters into Texas schools to find victims. Children are kidnapped. People they know are selling them and threatening their families if they tell.  Sometimes their own families sell them.

One little girl finally told her captor just to kill her - she couldn’t do it anymore. The pimp refused, telling her he makes too much money off her. If she wouldn’t do what he told her to, he would kidnap her 8-year-old little sister and do unthinkable things to her. The little girl complied, living in a dog cage when she wasn’t being sold to man after man.

 A lack of awareness in our country, coupled with the explosion of the Internet, makes the job of the pimp and the recruiter extremely easy and the job of law enforcement extremely difficult. The scope of this horrific crime seems impossible, but each person can make a difference by teaching their own children about the Traps of a Trafficker and knowing the red flags to watch for.


Who is Traffick911?

Traffick911 is a 501(c) non-profit based in the DFW area that exists to free youth from sex trafficking through a three-prong strategy of prevention, rescue, and restoration.  The focus of their work is in the state of Texas, specifically the Texas Triangle (DFW, Austin, Houston, San Antonio). 

The Texas Triangle is knows as a hotbed for sex trafficking in Texas.  Traffick911's rescue mission is to identify and divert domestic minor sex trafficking victims through work in the Texas juvenile justice system, missing children intervention, street outreach, and first responder trainings.

* Texas is the number 2 state for volume of calls going into the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

* Dallas is one of the top 14 U.S. cities for number of victims.

* 3,000 is a very conservative estimate of the number of youth at risk of being trafficked every year (This number is based on only one risk-factor - being a runaway.  We know there are many other risk factors, such as prior abuse, homelessness, and poverty.)


How can we help?

By shopping with WH Clothier from April 1st through June 30th, you will be helping to fund Traffick911’s rescue programs. In close partnership with local, state and federal law enforcement, Traffick911 teams are identifying and diverting domestic minor sex trafficking victims in the juvenile justice system through their Juvenile Detention Outreach, as well as in local communities through Missing Children Intervention.

10% of EVERY purchase made, now through the end of June, will be set aside for Traffick911 and their vision of a nation without slavery. Our goal is to raise at least $500 to help Traffick911 and its volunteers restore hope for the victims of sex trafficking and to end it for good!

The Perfect Gift! February 27 2015

We are excited to announce that WH Clothier now offers gift certificates!  

Looking for a gift for the gal who has a heart for the least of these?  Give her a gift certificate!  Need a last minute gift for your fashion-forward girlfriend?  You can print a gift certificate from home or send it in an email!  In denominations of $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, and $100, simply purchase your desired value and we will send you the completed gift certificate with an original discount code for you to print or email.  Easy peasy!

Be the change and give a gift with purpose*, world changers!


*10% donation will be set aside when the gift certificate is redeemed.

Our First Giveaway! February 12 2015

If you don't follow us on Instagram then you haven't heard...we've partnered with 3 fashion bloggers, an online accessories shop, AND a major handbag company to bring you a GALentine's giveaway!!!!  To get all the scoop and enter to win, head over to Insta now (the contest ends on Vday)!  Good luck, world changers!

FREE GIFT!!! February 01 2015

Cupid is on his way, world changers, and we wanted to get in on his action
so we're spreading the love by giving away free stuff!  The first FIVE orders
from the shop will ship with a gift from our heart to yours.  Regular price and
clearance items apply, you just have to spend $20 and the gift is yours!  We
don't want to ruin the surprise, but you'll want to make your purchase
BEFORE Valentine's Day. ;o)


To Market We Will Go! January 20 2015 1 Comment

We are lucky to live in Texas for many reasons; the mild weather [it is almost 70 degrees here right now, y'all!], the wide-open spaces, the Mexican food, the BBQ, and...THE SHOPPING! 

Oh. My. Word. The shopping! 

Since everything is bigger in Tejas, Dallas is home to the 15-story Dallas Market Center, which is where the Apparel & Accessories Mart is held 5 times a year.

Going to market in Dallas is A LOT like shopping at a mall.  Every floor has showrooms [which look just like storefronts], there are places to eat, a main atrium area, elevators and get the point.  The only difference is that you have to be a "member" to get into this "mall."

After you check in at the registration desk, you receive your market badge and proceed into the World Trade Center, where the real fun begins!  And, in a nutshell, you spend the whole day shopping.  Yes, it's fun.  And yes, your feet are killing you by the end of the day.  The truth is, we wish we could take ALL of you with us to market, but we can't.  So, here's where we need your help...

WH Clothier is YOUR boutique.  It doesn't matter how many beautiful things we buy if they aren't things you like, duh!  The only way we will ever be able to change the world is by partnering with you when it comes to our product assortment, but we need to hear from you.  Will you take just a minute to tell us what you're shopping for?  The items/colors/sizes/styles that you wish we had?  Do you like capsule collections: a few pieces [a top/bottom/accessories] that are easy to mix and match?  Or, do you purchase from WHC when you see something that catches your eye [an interesting top, a fun pair of pants]?  Do you follow fashion trends or buy and wear clothing that makes you feel good? 

We want you to be the buyer, world changer, and we can't wait to hear from you!

FREE CLOTHES!!! January 16 2015

You read right, world changers!  We want to start this year on a high note and are making you an offer you can't refuse...

The first 3 people who host a WHC trunk show in 2015 will get 25% off their entire purchase at their party ON TOP of the discounts listed below!*

So, local world changers, shoot us an email at whclothier [at] gmail [dot] com and let's get something on the calendar!

*25% off offer and trunk show rewards cannot be combined with any other discount/coupon code.  Discount and trunk show rewards must be redeemed during the trunk show.

World Changer: Blake's House January 14 2015

51% of children in foster care will end up homeless, in jail, or dead within one year of leaving care at 18 years old.

That’s unacceptable.

Blake’s House is a private home located in Plano, Texas that houses four young women [who have aged out of foster care] and a house manager.  The girls are required to pay $150 per month to the house that goes directly into a savings account set up for them upon transitioning to independent living.  Blake’s House encourages education to help them grow into citizens that no longer need government assistance, but can sustain themselves.  They also teach life skills such as budgeting, driving, resume building and interviewing, cooking, and a host of other skills. The home is open for young ladies age 18-22.  There is no time limit on a person’s stay, we want the girls to be ready before entering the “real world” and that is different for everyone. 

We fully support Blake's House and their mission to "...provide a safe living environment for young ladies that have aged out of foster care to develop their spiritual walk with Christ, further their education, learn life skills, give back to the community, become a productive working member of society, and finally transition to independent living with a support system in place."  For the next three months [January through March], 10% of EVERY purchase will be set aside for this program and the girls it supports. 

All you have to do, world changer, is make a purchase[s] to support this house and it's mission - it's win/win!

Blake’s House receives its non-profit status through Jim Riley Outreach, Inc..

Nice to meet you! January 05 2015 3 Comments

Hey there, world changers!  This is Sunny, the gal behind WH Clothier, and I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.  So, here we go...

Originally from the sunshine state, I graduated from the University of Florida in 2001 with a degree in business administration and economics.  A month after graduation, I moved to Houston, Texas for my first job as an assistant buyer at Garden Ridge [now At Home].  I spent 2 years at Garden Ridge and left for Dallas with a fiancé [found him at Garden Ridge in the finance department] in 2004!  After a quick stent at Rug Doctor and then JC Penney, I landed at Blockbuster buying Coke products and ice cream and was promoted to buyer over licensed product in 2008. 

After 2 years with Blockbuster, I couldn't take the corporate "stuff" anymore.  I had a nagging feeling that my purpose was somewhere else I had to go find it.

Enter, CASA [Court Appointed Special Advocates -].  This ain't your run-of-the-mill volunteer gig, friends.  As a CASA, you GET to advocate for children who are stuck in the foster care system.  You get to show up when no one else does.  You get to be a friend and confidant.  A listening ear.  The only consistent person in their life.  For a year, you do everything you can to make sure the system does right by these kids and their families.  It's exhausting [as I'm writing this, one of my kids, a 16 year-old girl, has been missing since Friday morning and I've been worrying about her and trying to track her down for almost 48 hours now] but SO rewarding.  If you're looking to volunteer and leave a huge impact, check out your local CASA office.  You won't regret it.

Ok, fast forward a couple of years to 2014.  I'm still doing the CASA thing and looking for ways that I can do more good in my community and around the world.  "You must be the change you want to see in the world" is probably my favorite quote [thank you, Gandhi] and helped drive me towards combining my buying career with my love of fashion thus creating WH Clothier. 

My dream for this company is to celebrate fashion and individual style while supporting our neighbors both locally and around the world.  How do we do that?  Well, here at WHC, 10% of EVERY PURCHASE is set aside for a family, person, charity, or organization that is in need.  To date, our world changers have raised almost $1500 which has gone to help a teen mom purchase a car and to CASA of Collin County.

WHC is so much more than clothes and accessories.  This boutique is a place to buy beautiful things and make beautiful change.  Won't you join us?